Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sarawak Bloggers 1st Anniversary Gathering

Hi everyone. I back to blog again.

I've attended Sarawak Bloggers 1st Anniversary gathering at Myst Cafe (Premier 101)
on 12 March 2011. It was a great meet up with those SB members even though i not the member of SB.
Well decorated Sarawak Bloggers backdrop

Four of us (Mike, gf, sherrie and myself) played Aeroplane game while waiting for others to arrive. Recalled back the childhood time. Various type of board games available there.

Chit chatting session after dinner. All bloggers equipped themselves with dslr while i just brought digicam. Haha..

Souvenir presentation session - SB keychain. gf had put a lot effort on it. Cyril, head of SB was happy with the keychain. =p

Last but not least, we enjoyed the Birthday cakes sponsored by Mr Mike Cheng. yummy yummy.

That's all for now.

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ahlost said...

no picture of the keychain?