Thursday, October 29, 2009

Resigned AGAIN ????

Oh no.. yesterday, once again i had submitted my resignation letter to my boss after he back to office. As usual, boss will ask the reason

Boss: why want to resign, is it not happy working here ?

Me: i can't handle well with those task assigned to me as well as i learn nothing from this job

Boss: i see. can you please re-consider again?

Me: ok.. but see first la... depend on the situation. (for sure i will not stay back after i THROW my letter)

That's all for our short discussion.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sidewalk Cafe

This was Ah Ying's birthday gathering. We took her out for dinner at Sidewalk Cafe, Green Heights, just 5 mins of drive from BDC. Quite near, right. Six of us attended the dinner. All came on time except Alvan. While waiting for his arrival, we ordered first. I ever been to this place with my dear before. Till now, the price still that expensive. Haiz...

~ Menu ~

Alvan was busy promoting Ah Ping's new handbag... o_O'''

And this, the birthday gal

We all sat outside, luckily the weather was good on that night

Manage to take some pichas

Our foods & drinks

Overall => full

Service => good and fast


I get to know about Sharing-Planet quite long time ago through some bloggers but only now have the chance to dine at this place. It’s located in Stapok. The cafe can't be seen from the outside. All you see when you reach there is a lighted signboard and a signboard with opening hours. Well, the business was good on that night. Crowded. Environment was good too.

Main entrance ~ the little signboard

A path way in the garden

Wooden house concept- just simple and nice

Our drinks - Ribena Sprite and Apple Juice

Caesar salad

Dear ordered creamy cheezy Cabonara =.=

My dish - ice-cream chicken chop
Total bill for the night.. RM37.50..
Operating Hours:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (6pm-11pm)
Friday-Saturday, Public holiday (6pm-11.30pm)
Wednesday off

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Twin National Holiday

Its a good news for all the Malaysian by our Prime Minister who announced that Sept 16 will finally be a national public holiday from next year onwards. In another words, Malaysian will celebrate twin national holiday which fall on 31 Aug and 16 Sept each year. This mostly become a main headline in today newspapers.

Rakyat Didahlukan ,
Pencapaian Diutamakan .........

Astro Boy 阿童木

Thursday, October 1, 2009