Saturday, January 14, 2012

Annual Dinner @ Rock Road Seafood

Happy New Year Everyone !!!! 2012 was another brand new year for all of us. Wish all of you had a Bless year ahead. Good wealth and of course with Good health.

Ok... Last night was our company Annual Dinner at Rock Road Seafood. Attended by all the staffs. Only 12 of us. Small medium size company ba.  This dinner had been planned since last year December. Few of us had cracked our head to think of the best dishes for this special night. End up we came out with this. =)

# Peanut 
 # Fish lip and crab meat soup
# Peking roasted duck
 # DIY Poh Piah , hahaha
  #  3 in 1 hot & cold dish combination
 # Yong Chew fried rice 

   # Prawns in Hainanese style & buns 
                       (signature dish)
# Lamb ribs with friend fries
 #  Crab with egg (salty)
 # Belacan midin (taste salty too)