Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kado again ~~~ !!!

Last night, we went to Kado again. The environment there is very nice and ngam for every couples... a romantic place.. hehe

Darling ordered her favourite dish ~ Lamb burger (RM5) and Sour plum ice blended (RM3)

I ordered Kado fried rice (RM5) and Passion fruit ice blended (RM3)

~ Model of the night ~


Muax baby

The Menu

Recently, my blog was quite out dated. Lazy wanna to blog and nothing much to blog about.

Quite sometimes ago, went to this place called The Menu with my family. It located at Jalan Keretapi and just nearby to Jade Pot Tea. Was my first time been there. I have no much comment on this place. The food there was just enough to fill up my stomach.. Hehe..

Let the pichas tell you the story....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

5C's - 5B's - 5K's

NO MORE 5C'S BUT NEW 5B'S...........^.^
I don't need a CAR, but I want a BMW
I don't need a CONDO, but I want a BUNGALOW
I don't need you to have CASH but I want you to own a BANK
I don't need you to have a CAREER but I want you to be a BOSS

Singapore 5C's! :
Car, Condo, Credit Card (Gold), Cash and Career

Heard of the 5B's?
B - Body
B - Brain
B - Billionaire
B - Bungalow

And, and addition with the 5K's....
Kiasu (scared of losing)
Kiasee (scared of dying)
Kiabor (scared of wife)
Kiaboh (scared of having nothing)
Kiachenghu (scared of government)

Lastly, this one very logic for S'porean and M'sian...

Singapore's 'practice' for Simple Living:
1 - One Wife
2 - Two Children
3 - Three Bedroom Condo
4 - Four Wheels
5 - Five Figure Salary

Malaysia's 'practice' to Simple Living:
5 - Five Children
4 - Four Wives
3 - Three Figure Salary
2 - Two Wheels
1 - One-Storey Link House

Just for Fun... :P

Monday, March 9, 2009


梦想不大 想永远停在这一秒
重新彩绘 是你带我找到另一个天堂
每一个梦想 有无限的快乐

我等待 下一刻再相遇的精彩
我多渺小 能爱着你才最重要
想把你的 你的明天仔细翻阅
每一个梦想 有无限的快乐

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sick !!!!!!

Sick ...

Sick ....

Sick .....

Sick ......


Sick of everything....

Monday, March 2, 2009

1.3.2009 - Our 1st Anniversary ~~

1st of March marked a wonderful day for both of us. Its our 1st year anniversary together. ***muax baby muax*** On the special night, we had our dinner at Elephant Cafe & Bistro. We reached there around 7pm from our home. I been there before but forgot when was it already.. long long time ago.. after ages .. the place still the same.. no changes at all.

For my darling, this was her first time. Anyway, we kinda disappointed with this place lo... coz the foods was quite expensive with small portion too.. not enough to fill up my stomach. Haha..

Interior view

Our drinks ~ Plum & 3 sours and Strawberry milk shake

# Darling ordered Chessy chicken chop #

My cabonara fried chicken chop c/w mushroom soup

After the dinner, we dropped by at Patio and met Greg there who celebrated his 21st grand birthday with his friends. Patio was closed for business on that night coz it reserved by him.

Then later, we headed to our home.

# Black forest ordered from Taka #

To my dear Angel, I love you always,muax !~!~!

Sweet sweet Sms..

01-04-2008 20:42
Happy 1st month anniversary my darling! Muax muax muax. love you so much! Hugs and kisses

01-05-2008 7:40
Happy 2nd month anniversary my love! Hugs n kisses lots love you today more than yesterday less than tomorrow! Love you more each day! Love you endlessly!

01-06-2008 11:11
My sweet love, it is another remarkable day for us. A day which marks the beginning of our journey three months ago. You are indeed the one I wan, the one I chose, the one I love. Happy 3rd month anniversary my darling! I love you to the bits!

01-07-2008 13:20
Happy 4th month anniversary! Muax muax muax. I love you

01-08-2008 22:20
My sweet darling, Happy 5th month anniversary!! I love you much. I’m very happy to have u by my side. Without you, I wont be here standing strong n keep holding to wad life had thrown to me. Life aint an easy task. It’s a journey without map. My darling, wif wat we have now, im sure we can stand tough. Im gonna miss u lots. There will be times when we’re busy wif works, I just wan u to promise me, that we will put time away for the two of us, at least once a week. I love you!!!!!!!

01-09-2008 22:06
Sweet baby love, half a year had passed, times flies without us knowing. I hope we can make it till the very top. Have wat we both wan and forever with each other. My heart is yours to keep. I had locked yours safe in me. Honey,I love you n wil continue to love you till the end of time. Happy 6th month anniversary !!!

01-10-2008 - No sms for this month (7th month anniversary)

01-11-2008 - No sweet2 msg from darling (8th month anniversary)

01-12-2008 22:16
Honey I home dy.15 min ago…hehe. Darling, I love you. Happy 9th month anniversary! love you much! Hugs and kisses !!!

01-01-09 21:14
Oh.hugs !! Hehe.. Good nite darling Happy 10th month anniversary !

01-02-09 00:03
Happy anniversary 11th anniversary!! Darling, hugs n kisses to you. sweet love, 5yrs.. lets make it come true ..i love you..

01-03-09 22:25
Honey, I’m home!! Happy 1st year anniversary my baby love. It’s really amazing how we get thru the 365 days together. Well, shall we walk hand in hand till no time? Hugs & kisses. Love you dear…

~ (Darling wrote those msg on each of our anniversary ) ~

**** Tons of Hugs and Kisses Just For You, My Darling ****

XoXo ~~