Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kado again ~~~ !!!

Last night, we went to Kado again. The environment there is very nice and ngam for every couples... a romantic place.. hehe

Darling ordered her favourite dish ~ Lamb burger (RM5) and Sour plum ice blended (RM3)

I ordered Kado fried rice (RM5) and Passion fruit ice blended (RM3)

~ Model of the night ~


Muax baby


ahlost said...

model of the night only meh? I thought she's model of your heart :P

I wanna try the iceblended there liao :P

aNgeL-cuPid said...

ahlost: yalor hor! i should be model of his heart leh. hmpf! don't wan chat wit him tonight liaw. hahaha!