Friday, April 30, 2010

30 April 2010

啊啊 !!! 4 月30 了。。 太快了。。。

明天又是一年一度劳动节。。 您是否已经想好去那里走走吗?还是待在家里陪家人?

回顾去年的 5月1日,七早八早就醒来,然后根宝贝一起去跑步和吃早餐。



Wednesday, April 28, 2010

黃小琥 - 沒那麼簡單

沒那麼簡單 就能找到 聊得來的伴
尤其是在 看過了那麼多的背叛
總是不安 只好強悍

沒那麼簡單 就能去愛 別的全不看
變得實際 也許好也許壞各一半
不愛孤單 一久也習慣
不用擔心誰 也不用被誰管

別人說的話 隨便聽一聽 自己作決定
在周末晚上 關上了手機 舒服窩在沙發裡

相愛沒有那麼容易 每個人有他的脾氣
過了愛作夢的年紀 轟轟烈烈不如平靜
幸福沒有那麼容易 才會特別讓人著迷
曾經最掏心 所以最開心
曾經想念最傷心 但卻最動心 的記憶

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Life Cafe - Brighton Square

After the show, four of us headed to Life Cafe, Brighton Square for lunch. Was the second outlets in Kuching and first time i blog about this place.

Life Cafe provide local chinese and Taiwanese recipe. Even vegetarian foods were also available here. Their signature dish was Spicy Noodle (a.k.a Malak Mee). I didn't try before because i don't eat spicy stuff.
They do really put effort in designing the menu compared to last time

The interior of the Life Cafe. Very simple. Sometimes simple is nice.

Teas with different favours.

Life Cafe Dry Noodle @ RM6.90

Opss... i forgot what is the name. something like 川菜面 @ RM6.90

Life Cafe Spicy Noodle @ RM6.90

Life Cafe @ Brighton Square
Sublot 28, Lot 7691, Block 16,
KCLD Brighton Square, Jalan Song,
93350 Kuching, Sarawak.

Tel: +6 082 285 688

Men’s best friend show

Today was the 289th MKA All Breed Championship Show organized by Malaysian Kennel Association ( at Kenyalang Community Hall from 9am to 6pm.

I'm out of ideas to put up the descriptions,let the pictures do the talking.

Cheer up... =)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sushi King at The Hills

Sushi King @ The Hills

Sushi on the Kaiten belt

Set meal menu & Ala Carte menu

Ocha (a.k.a green tea)

Tuna Mayo

Smoked Salmon

Salmon Surimi Roll

Inari Roll

Cheese Tobiko

Takohachi Sushi

Chuka Kurage

Salmon Nishoku

Egg Mayo

Potato Salad

Ocha is good for health

Tori Teriyaki Don

Green Tea Ice-cream

Birthday Dinner at Pandan Thai Delight

Sawadikhap !!! (^(o^o)^)

A birthday dinner treat with 5 other friends (Sharon, Annie, Alvan, Willing, Ying Ying) at Pandan Thai Delight last Tuesday. A restaurant serving Thai dishes at RH Plaza. The interior is simple and decorated with low ceiling lamps. Siamese related framed pictures and photos. The Thai King's portrait was there too. Quick and courteous service. =p

Variety of Thai cuisine in the menu

Traffic light (very unique name)

Aloe vera & White lady

Here are some of the dishes we ordered:

Midin with belacan


Pandan Chicken
(an appetizer dish, chicken meat with corn covered with pandan leaves)

Nice dish, looked like dumpling, forgot the name

Another recommended dish - Tom Yam soup
It not that spicy but then it a bit sour taste

Lastly.. i bought a new Polo shoe as my birthday gift just to reward myself =p

Thank you everyone for the dinner...

Ice Kacang Puppy Love - 初恋红豆冰电影宣传

周六晚上 7.30pm 在 Hills Shopping Mall 举行了一场 - 初恋红豆冰电影 (Ice Kacang Puppy Love) 宣传活动。这部是阿牛首次自导自演电影。是一部100%本地制造的影片。也用起很多本土的明星如戴佩妮,巫启贤,李心洁, 梁静茹, 曹格等演员。当晚还有游戏和签名环节。整个宣传活动大概在一个小时后结束。



陈美娥 ,易杰齐

片中的四位主角 - 阿牛, 品冠,陈美娥 ,易杰齐


大家应该对她很面熟吧 ~ 很常出现在电视广告中