Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday !!!

Aloha... First of all, i wish my dear, a very Happy Birthday. Yesterday was her 22nd birthday! We had it at Pinoy Ihaw Ihaw, Padungan just next to the police station.

On that night, i didn't brought along my cam, so i didn't took any pichas. So, I shall make this post in a simple way.
A simple birthday card with 2 bear bear (representing me n her) ; kekeke

~~~ Jeng jeng jeng ~~~

I bought her shoes with 3 difference colours in a box. And now you can imagine how big was the shoes size. Actually is 3 novels !! After such a long consideration, and finally i decided to buy this box of novels for her since she likes to read novels very much. Ritez, darling? =D

And i was told by her that she got socks from her brother too. Well, its really a good gifts for her this year. Got shoes and socks. What else u need ? Hehehe...

And lastly, a tiramisu cake especially for her with my own design. *proud proud*.. sweet leh ...


~ Wish you all the best in everything you do ~

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