Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday Dinner at Pandan Thai Delight

Sawadikhap !!! (^(o^o)^)

A birthday dinner treat with 5 other friends (Sharon, Annie, Alvan, Willing, Ying Ying) at Pandan Thai Delight last Tuesday. A restaurant serving Thai dishes at RH Plaza. The interior is simple and decorated with low ceiling lamps. Siamese related framed pictures and photos. The Thai King's portrait was there too. Quick and courteous service. =p

Variety of Thai cuisine in the menu

Traffic light (very unique name)

Aloe vera & White lady

Here are some of the dishes we ordered:

Midin with belacan


Pandan Chicken
(an appetizer dish, chicken meat with corn covered with pandan leaves)

Nice dish, looked like dumpling, forgot the name

Another recommended dish - Tom Yam soup
It not that spicy but then it a bit sour taste

Lastly.. i bought a new Polo shoe as my birthday gift just to reward myself =p

Thank you everyone for the dinner...

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