Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tonight's Dinner

We decided to try something different from what we normally had for dinner. So on this night, we went to Japanese restaurant which located just above the Causeway Bay 2 , Jalan Song. For your info, this restaurant was operated by the same management.

However, when i walked in, i had the feeling that it doesn't look like a restaurant but more like a pub. The environment was nice eh. Just that a bit dark becoz they using blue lighting. It hard for people like me to browse through the menu. You know what i mean ya.. Hehe

View from the entrance

The menus mess up on the table

My dinner set ~ Tori Teriyaki set c/w ice honey green tea @ RM17.90

~~ Planet Amore ~~

Last Tuesday, after work i straight away drove to my dear's house to fetch her for dinner at Planet Amore. It located at 3rd mile Golden Arch Commercial Centre. This time gathering was attended mostly by my college mates. 8 of us including my dear. And i was surprise that one of our long lost contact friend, Mr Chai was appeared himself on that night as well. Had been about 7 or 8 years we didin't meet him.

Anyway, lets straight to the point. Planet Amore.. hmmm... quite a strange name for me. Coz i never know that got such place for dinner. Was suggested by Annie. The name was unique. I only know next to that shop , a kopitiam famous with its signature dish - curry rice. Only available on day time if not mistaken. Unfortunately, never been there before. =(

Well, the main entrance. Nice kan...

Photo taken by Annie while waiting for the rest to come. Oppss.. i think my eyes focus at the wrong place.

As usual, model posing whenever there's a camera in front of her..

Flowers & plants along the pathway before the main entrance.

Planet Amore's menu

Eeee... rose and roses on the table

The interior design was awesome. Looked like we were in 70's.

Chicken chop @RM25

Spaghetti bolognese @ RM18

Conclusion. The price = expensive. Food portion & Service = just good.

- End -

Monday, May 10, 2010

FB game

Wootzzz.... Random post.

A funny game found in FB. My dear played it but not me. Called Hotel City. She's good in FB games. Kaki Facebook. Hahahaha...

And this.. my only favourite game in FB.. Bejeweled.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hero : Donnie Yen 甄子丹

甄子丹 - 大家对这个名字再也不会感陌生了。在美國波士頓成長。出生於一个武術家庭。曾經是中國大陸全國武術少林拳冠軍。他可说是新一代的动作巨星。他所演过的电影每一部都很经典。打得很过瘾。自从杀破狼到最近的叶问2,每一部电影我都会去看。因为我本身很喜欢看动作片。

Friday, May 7, 2010

Yam Cha Session @ Starbucks

Starbucks @ Jalan Song

Green tea cream @ RM16.30 (incl. GST)