Saturday, October 2, 2010

Old Town White Coffee

On Friday night, after attended the Bridal Fair @ Colosseum Ballroom, Pullman, we went for our dinner at Old Town White Coffee instead of MarryBrown. My first time and also my last time i dined here. I'm so mean. Before that, we actually browsed through the menu displayed outside.

I like the design of the menu. Its looked very high quality from the way they printed it. They put alot of effort on it.

Lemon 7-up @ RM4.50. Just a very small glass and they charge so expensive. Haiz...
RM 3.50 might be reasonable.

White coffee @ RM4.50

For the food, i ordered the cheapest punya but the most cheapest also cost around RM7.50. At first, i was attracted by the picture illustration from the menu. But who knows, when the foods came, the portion was so ''big''. Not worth at all with such portion with this kind of price. Sakit hati aku.... UrgHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.................

BBQ Chicken egg noodle @ RM7.90

Curry mee @ RM7.50

My conclusion:
Service: So so (still charged 10% for service charge)
Food: Small portion (ciak bei pa)
Price: Expensive =(