Friday, February 27, 2009

Kado ~ 角落

Last night, with a group of friends, of coz with my dar2 too, went to Kado (can be pronounce as ka to (scissors in hokkien). It located behind Lok Thian Restaurant. It my first time i being there. Me and my dar reached there around 8.15pm, both of us always be the first to reach coz we don't like people waiting for us.. Punctuality is important. After awhile, Mr. X and partner came. While others still not appeared yet..

We tried to look for a strategic place. Arranged up and down... moved here and there.. i think the tauke also felt pek chek with us. What a ma fan customers !!! (Kado's tauke, paisei ya...) The environment there was very unique with its own concepts of interior design.. space was broad too.. althought certain corner there was quite dark (aiyo, can on the light one mah !!! :-P)

# The Menu

# Huge vase just beside the main entrance

# In the jungle

# A big ''zhao cai moa'' on the top of the cashier counter (money money come)

# Flooring.. simple n sui

# Nice pic hanged on the wall. Was attracted by it

# Caborana spagetti

# Bolognaise chicken spaghetti

There was a purpose for all of us to been there coz there was a special occasion held especially for someone. Everything was planned and went smoothly...Wanna know who the actor of the night ?... nah ... scroll down and you will know it









Who is he... Scroll down a bit la

Why covered your face wor... don't be shy wor... fast fast let people know who you are
#Aiyo, birthday boy felt so touched there.. hehe.. making a wish

At last, Gregory a.k.a Greg

# Greg cutting his b'day cake
# Eeee.. he got present wor.. i wan oso.. Happy with his present
# Wooo... Everybody... 123

Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to Greg... (21st years old liao)
Wish you all the best & may god bless you....


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Muffin ~

McD @ Kuching International Airport

Last Sunday, wake up quite early in the morning, around 7am.. then do nothing..coz bro fetch my mum to market.. not me.. so as usual just sat in the living room and read newspaper. After that i went for breakfast with mum n bro at Mitsu Mitsu, Green Height (darling, will bring u there for breakfast, since you never been there) and headed to Ming Kiong Garden to look for some mango, but unfornately no stock available there. Then go home.. home sweet home.. hehe

Normally, i will stay at home on Sunday doing my own stuff and just relaxing there. I call up my dear2 as well, to make sure she wake up and having her breakfast on time.. she told me she watching movie there. While doing my stuff, i also online. dear2 also online after 1 hour later. Suddenly she told me want go to airport around 5pm.. i so curious and asking y lo.. she going to send her primary classmate, Jerome who leaving to Perth. She going to fetch Kelly, but end up kena put aeroplane by her, so juz come n fetch me along wif her bro.

Around 4pm, we reach at airport and decided to have our lunch at McD.. our first time there wor..

Sure take some pichas oso...

I had my McChicken burger n she ordered Double cheese burger

(no pic. taken for her burger, paisei ya :-)

Since there still alot of extra time, we walked around in the airport visited those perfume n toy outlet. i was so attracted by the toys there... Hehe.. around 5.15pm, Jerome n his parents walked to check in counter, he so happy n surprise that we went to airport to send him off. After that, his parents bought us for a treat at KFC. (OMG.. ate McD n KFC at the same time) Anyway, thanks alot to his parents. While eating, we oso chatting around...

Lastly, wish you all the best, Jerome.. Good Luck in your study and take care.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day ~ 14.02.09

Wish everyone Happy Valentine's Days !!!

This was my first Vdays in my life. :-P... Actually i had planned for this nite early of this month. I keep thinking and thinking where should i go.. how to celebrate it. At last, i came out with a solution.. so i just make my final decision for it.. Few days before Vdays, i called up to this place to make a reservation for our dinner. According to them, the seats was quite limited and they will help to arrange for it. Luckily i managed to reserve it.. Thank god. :)

Dine with my dear on this special day at a place whereby both of us never go before...

Venue : Mr. Ho's Fine Foods

Candle light dinner :P

Sauteed fresh button mushroom

Double boiled rib soup

Photo session... 123 smile

V cards

Love gift in the box

Pendant for her

Rose from me to her

Overall the dinner for that nite considered nice... price so so la.. once a year ba.. as long as both happy ju ok lio.. Rite..

Darling.. you look happy on that nite.. hehe... muax... love u so much.. muacksszzz..


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009



祝大家 元宵节快乐 !!!

身体健康 事事如意

Sunday, February 8, 2009

冬冬呛 ~~~

舞 狮 来了 !!!

冬冬呛来了 !!!


~ 走进客厅 ~

喝着啤酒, 哈哈!!


结束了, 冬冬呛走了, 明年见 !!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Courtyard Sanctuary

Today, still went for new year visiting kot.. Lol...

My ex-collegue,Wesley bought an apartment - Unit W220 , Courtyard Sanctuary at MJC area. He invited us to his new house.. According to him, this was the first year he celebrating CNY in Kuching.. coz he was from Sibu. We all arrived there around 10.30am.. But unfortunately, we had been informed by him that foods and drinks not yet been prepared. So we just wait at the car porch there lo.. He and his wife rushed to Hui Sing hawker stall there to buy us some dishes. Maybe we all arrived too early at his house... Haha..

While waiting for him to come back... i took the opportunity to walked around at the pool side ... of coz.. will take some pic. .. how can just walked around without taking pic wor.. Ritezz.....

The view of the apartment

The pool side, got Spa also eh.. not bad la...

Everyone need a visitor pass before entering the apartment just for security purpose..