Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day ~ 14.02.09

Wish everyone Happy Valentine's Days !!!

This was my first Vdays in my life. :-P... Actually i had planned for this nite early of this month. I keep thinking and thinking where should i go.. how to celebrate it. At last, i came out with a solution.. so i just make my final decision for it.. Few days before Vdays, i called up to this place to make a reservation for our dinner. According to them, the seats was quite limited and they will help to arrange for it. Luckily i managed to reserve it.. Thank god. :)

Dine with my dear on this special day at a place whereby both of us never go before...

Venue : Mr. Ho's Fine Foods

Candle light dinner :P

Sauteed fresh button mushroom

Double boiled rib soup

Photo session... 123 smile

V cards

Love gift in the box

Pendant for her

Rose from me to her

Overall the dinner for that nite considered nice... price so so la.. once a year ba.. as long as both happy ju ok lio.. Rite..

Darling.. you look happy on that nite.. hehe... muax... love u so much.. muacksszzz..