Monday, March 2, 2009

Sweet sweet Sms..

01-04-2008 20:42
Happy 1st month anniversary my darling! Muax muax muax. love you so much! Hugs and kisses

01-05-2008 7:40
Happy 2nd month anniversary my love! Hugs n kisses lots love you today more than yesterday less than tomorrow! Love you more each day! Love you endlessly!

01-06-2008 11:11
My sweet love, it is another remarkable day for us. A day which marks the beginning of our journey three months ago. You are indeed the one I wan, the one I chose, the one I love. Happy 3rd month anniversary my darling! I love you to the bits!

01-07-2008 13:20
Happy 4th month anniversary! Muax muax muax. I love you

01-08-2008 22:20
My sweet darling, Happy 5th month anniversary!! I love you much. I’m very happy to have u by my side. Without you, I wont be here standing strong n keep holding to wad life had thrown to me. Life aint an easy task. It’s a journey without map. My darling, wif wat we have now, im sure we can stand tough. Im gonna miss u lots. There will be times when we’re busy wif works, I just wan u to promise me, that we will put time away for the two of us, at least once a week. I love you!!!!!!!

01-09-2008 22:06
Sweet baby love, half a year had passed, times flies without us knowing. I hope we can make it till the very top. Have wat we both wan and forever with each other. My heart is yours to keep. I had locked yours safe in me. Honey,I love you n wil continue to love you till the end of time. Happy 6th month anniversary !!!

01-10-2008 - No sms for this month (7th month anniversary)

01-11-2008 - No sweet2 msg from darling (8th month anniversary)

01-12-2008 22:16
Honey I home dy.15 min ago…hehe. Darling, I love you. Happy 9th month anniversary! love you much! Hugs and kisses !!!

01-01-09 21:14
Oh.hugs !! Hehe.. Good nite darling Happy 10th month anniversary !

01-02-09 00:03
Happy anniversary 11th anniversary!! Darling, hugs n kisses to you. sweet love, 5yrs.. lets make it come true ..i love you..

01-03-09 22:25
Honey, I’m home!! Happy 1st year anniversary my baby love. It’s really amazing how we get thru the 365 days together. Well, shall we walk hand in hand till no time? Hugs & kisses. Love you dear…

~ (Darling wrote those msg on each of our anniversary ) ~

**** Tons of Hugs and Kisses Just For You, My Darling ****

XoXo ~~

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