Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sidewalk Cafe

This was Ah Ying's birthday gathering. We took her out for dinner at Sidewalk Cafe, Green Heights, just 5 mins of drive from BDC. Quite near, right. Six of us attended the dinner. All came on time except Alvan. While waiting for his arrival, we ordered first. I ever been to this place with my dear before. Till now, the price still that expensive. Haiz...

~ Menu ~

Alvan was busy promoting Ah Ping's new handbag... o_O'''

And this, the birthday gal

We all sat outside, luckily the weather was good on that night

Manage to take some pichas

Our foods & drinks

Overall => full

Service => good and fast

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aNgeL-cuPid said...

And u never want to sit outside wit me =(