Thursday, October 29, 2009

Resigned AGAIN ????

Oh no.. yesterday, once again i had submitted my resignation letter to my boss after he back to office. As usual, boss will ask the reason

Boss: why want to resign, is it not happy working here ?

Me: i can't handle well with those task assigned to me as well as i learn nothing from this job

Boss: i see. can you please re-consider again?

Me: ok.. but see first la... depend on the situation. (for sure i will not stay back after i THROW my letter)

That's all for our short discussion.


lili said...

You seem lk getting addicted on resign yeah...

yonglim15 said...

hahaha.. sudah biasa liao... blek wat to do , not happy then leave lo..

lili said...

Im not happy too but cant leave lk you...潇洒的一走了之