Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our 3rd anniversary !!!!

Welcome to March 2011 !!!!!!

And welcome back here to blog again. Its been ages since my last post. Luckily still can remember my password. Time flies and today marked our 3rd anniversary already. I wish i can blog everyday to keep it alive.

And it will be a very busy month ahead till June with my work. Peak period. Cheers =D

At first we planned to have our anniversary celebration dinner at The Garden Hills but somehow the place was fully booked for a function. Then decided to think of another place, probably Senso, Hilton? Grand Margherita, etc? Oh no.. those places looked luxury. But all of them out of my list. =p. At the end, we went to Mr Ho's Fine Food (aka MHFF), Crown Tower.

# Nice pic taken by my gf. I fall in love with the drink as well. (',')

# MHFF's Pork chop & bratwurst ~ RM22.90

# MHFF's Braised lamb shank ~ RM24.90

#Apple juice ~ RM3.50 & Bundaberg Sarsaparilla ~ RM5

Overall i was satisfied with the foods. The price was reasonable and hopefully it will not increase when my next visit. Anywhere, both of us like the environment and a great place for dinner.

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