Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lovely cupcakes

As i said before, i try my best to keep my blog alive. So now i'm here to blog again.

Long story make short, it happened on yesterday noon. So here we go. I was extremely surprise by the lovely cupcakes from my dearest on this special day of us. She had ordered 16 pieces of cupcakes with a nice packing from her friend, Joanne and delivered to my office. Cupcakes with nice deco. And of course it tasted sweet when eat it. I had that feeling as well. Hahahaha.

Unfortunately, something had went wrong on my phone camera at that time. Sigh. But I able to take some pichas by using my colleague's camera. There was a story behind the scene.

Thats all for now and Thank you my Dear....


shii teck said...

din know u r good gf wo. hahahahha

Ah_Mike said...

nice looking cupcakes! so gotta grab the photo for reference :P

Yong Lim said...

@shii teck : thank for your comment. much appreciated

@Mike: u're most welcome to do so. hehehe

ahlost said...

aiyeer.. so sweet wor :)

Happy Anniversary :)