Thursday, May 28, 2009

HELP !!! HELP !!! FIRE !!!

Today in the history, first time i had experienced it. There was a FIRE.. a real incident, haha.. It happened at one of the office at 20th floor of Somerset Gateway. My office was at 22nd floor. Huh... =.='''

It happened around 2.30pm. At first we heard the emergency sign from the lift outside. And we all just dont bother so much. Coz it happened very frequently. Very normal to us already.. Haha... After few minutes, there was an announcement say that ''ada kebakaran di tingkat 20, semua diminta turun dengan segera'' .... Huh.. at that moment, everyone of us including myself quickly packed our own stuff and rushed out. Gosh, we all rushed down to the assemble point using the emergency stairwell from 22nd floor, So so tiring .. Waloo.. but was a good exercise for us. :)

We was told that fire had broken out in the store room on that floor which was used to store documents. Luckily, no injuries was reported. All safe. Thank god.

# Main entrance of the building

# Tidak ternampak any asap pun ~~

# Fire fighting was just arrived at the scene ...

# All gathered.. so sakai there... hehe.. i busy took pichas and walked around.... kekeke...

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