Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Holiday

First of all wish everyone a belated Happy Gawai and happy holiday

Well, recently, I really running out of thing to blog... and I got nothing much to blog also coz I’m LAZY.... what a good excuse.. Anyway, this is how i spend my holiday

Last Saturday, me and dar went to Damai Beach Resort for a trip there. This time i booked Superior Poolside instead of Chalet because we stayed there before.

At night, we went to walk around there and we saw this..

Free Ear Candling.. ever try before ?

And this - body massage.

1st June, was our 15th month anniversary.. muax muax...

We spend almost one day together. haha.. Firstly, we went to airport sending off dar's friend, Ah Siong who fly off to KK for training there. Then, to Tabuan Jaya to take DVD from her cousin.

We headed to The Spring again, just ''lepak ed''around there before went off for movie - ''Night At The Museum 2: '' at 4.45pm. It extremely a funny movie to cheer you up. It make you laugh till peng tiao ki... movie ended around 6.30pm, then went for dinner at Hong Kong Noodles House,Padungan.

And today, no place to go liao.. so just stay at home, relax and do my on stuff... quite bored also la... and before i blog.. i ate my lunch... see what i have for lunch.. =P

yummy yummy... i cooked two packs...

Thats all for now..

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