Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Labour Day

Today is a public holiday. A non working day for everyone of us.. Hurrray...

BUT still have to wake up early lo... =( Went to jog with my aNgeL at Taman Sahabat... if not mistaken last year we did the same on this day too.. Har.. only jog once a year? la... joking nia la.. After that, we played badminton again - ishhh... not tired meh... *swt*

We headed to Lao Lee Kopitiam for breakfast.. The place was so crowded and humid. We ordered kueh chap, pork leg rice and also roti canai.. She was disappointed with her kueh chap .. too little, not nice and expensive kot..

No outing after that... so just stay at home... Oh ya.. today is our 14th month anniversary..

~ HAPPY anniversary, DEAR ~~~ Hugs...

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aNgeL-cuPid said...

Happy anniversary dear