Thursday, December 1, 2011

Time flies.. It's December 2011

Hello.. I know i had abandoned my blog for about 8 months since my last post. But is ok, i'm not a pro-Bloggers. I just blog for fun. Today marked the 1st day in the last month of year 2011. Time flies, right? Too fast, too fast. Christmas and Chinese New Year just around the corner. Are you all ready for this two celebrations?

This will be just a short post.

Well, this year consider a good-bad year for me. Did not achieve much than what i expected. But i still happy with the current life even though happy and sad moment had happened in the past few months. But i promise to myself i will stay strong and brave. Gonna to delete all the past pieces by pieces in my memory towards a better future. Learn from mistake.

Hopefully after this, good things will come to me. The most important is good health. =) As for relationship, i will just let God to decide everything if the fate is there for me to find the person that worth for me. And hopefully all things will goes smoothly.

Take care everyone.

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ahlost said...

When one door closes.. another one opens :)

So cheeers.. Go jog at MBKS.. :D