Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just A Gift

Today will be the last day of April 2011. Wish everyone Happy Labour Day in advance.

Ok, straight to the point. Last two days, suddenly came across this question in my mind. Then i sms-ed to my dearie.

Me : Dear, still remember when u started to read Cecelia Ahern books / how many collection books you have now ?

Dear: Erm... Since last year i think, or last last year i also forgot. Since the 1st book 'PS I Love You', cos i heard its very popular so i went to buy. Then after that i bought 3 books in a set ''A place called here'', ''Where rainbows end'', ''If you could see me now''. And then you gave me ''The Gift''. so now the latest one which i have yet to have is ''Tomorrow something''. (Actual name = The Book of Tomorrow)

After work, without any hesitation, i drove to MPH at tHe Spring to look for this novel and i bought it. The main purpose i went there not only to buy this novel, but also the movie ticket for Monday. LoL.

Oh dear, i hope you like this gift. ~ A gift for our 38th month anniversary as well.

This is how UBAH acting when saw new book. Very related to each other, am i right. Lets UBAH UBAH for better Tomorrow.

UBAH UBAH yo UBAH UBAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!

UBAH met up with Cecelia Ahern.

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