Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yado Cafe & Bistro

Today me and gf attended the soft opening of newly-opened eatery - Yado Cafe & Bistro located at 3rd miles Bormill Estate. Somewhere nearby to Studio 23. I'm sure you'll easily spot it. The owner of this shop was my gf's cousin, Mr. Richard Ng.

Welcome to Yado

Since its the 1st day of business, the place was ''packed'' by all of his family members and relatives. Included myself there as well. Kiasu cinz. =) At this moment, they served only temporary menu due to some technical problem.

The counter just in front of the entrance

First time used/showed off her newly Nikon D3000. Nice kan ~~~

View from the Entrance, you will see this > The interior of the Cafe

And this is what we managed to order:

Yado's fried kuay tiaw @ RM4.50 ~ abit oily for me

My dear ordered ~ Fried chicken fillet set @ RM 7.80

Chee's fried bee hoon @ RM4.50

If you free, do drop by this cafe and try it out.

Ground Floor, Lot 3028, Block 10,
Bormill Estate KCLD, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce
93200 Kuching.

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Anonymous said...

i just have my lunch at yado with my family. its a nice place. my girl ordered fried changkok manis + bee hoon, a bit oily otherwise hrm....yummy.