Monday, August 23, 2010


Tray Cafe... hmmm...

It had been opened quite some time if i not mistaken. It located within the golden triangle area of Kuching (just right beside the Sky Bookstore and opposite Grappa). Its an unique and beautiful cafe to hang out with friends in town area.

Welcome to Tray Cafe

I like this pic ~~~

Today's special menu, price also special =p

Still early, a lot empty seats available

Ramadhan decoration. Can you spot the ketupat hanging there? Its was decorated in conjunction of the up coming Hari Raya celebration.

Due to Kiasu-ness .. everyone knew she celebrated her birthday here. Just that she didn't mentioned the date.

Gf was on Busy mode with FB via mobile

The Entrance

The funny funny little signboard

Wi-fi also available here.

When we stepped in, the environment kinda attracted us especially the interior design. So called wooden concept. We had our Nikon D3000 on hand and of course started to camwhore around the cafe except the toilet. Hahaha...

Our drinks ~ Root beer and Green tea. FYI, the price of the can drinks damn expensive. No comments on that.

Beef bolognise

Grill fish & chips

For more info:

45, Jalan Padungan, 93100 Kuching

Business hours:
4pm - 12.30am (Closed on every Tuesday)

P/s: Food pictures available on Tray Cafe Facebook. Check it out.

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