Monday, March 29, 2010

Silhouette Restaurant & Bar

WE had celebrated our 2nd Year Anniversary few days earlier than the actual date. Both of us had no idea at all where to celebrate this memorable day together. End up we both came out with a suggestion - a place called Silhouette (could be pronounce as See-lo-wet). Haha...

We reached there quite early. No one in there yet. Only two of us. We took quite sometimes to browse thru the menu. However the price was very attracted our eyes. So we have to think before we made any decision. So you guys get what i mean la ho...

So, before that, we just photoshoot around, eventhough the tissue also i snap. The dining table was quite nice.. haha...

Concentrating on the menu... got to think twice and think wise =p

And this, the actress of the night..

~~Green Apple Soda (RM8)

~~ Soursop (RM10).. Waloo, Damn expensive and tasteless

I like this picha. Especially the light

Again.. she always there ready for me to take picha

~~Beef Lasagna (RM26). I didn't try it coz i no take beef.. very small portion, not worth

Pizza Napoli with chicken (RM25), I kept hearing people talking about this. Just dont know how was the taste, and we tried it and hmmm.... Lots of cheese on it. It looked different from Pizza Hut's.
See.. she loves Pizza Napoli so much... rite?

Total damage for that evening was RM69. No GST.

Lastly.. this was my first gift from my dear.. and i guess no more present from her in my coming birthday liao.. haha... A huge Cup Noodles. i wonder where she bought this.

With seafood favour somemore... i like seafood...

Jeng jeng jeng... had you spot something on the upper right corner... hahaha..

But anyway, much much THANK YOU to her.

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