Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Outing

Our X'mas activitiy....Hurray... Six of us (Angel,her mum n bro,Helen and her bf and me) went to Permai to enjoy the day. It just a day trip.We reach there abount 11.45am. Then we walked about 10 minutes to reach the entrance of Permai.We need to buy for the ticket (Adult - RM5 , Kid - Rm2). Its not free entrance. Blek.

The wave seem to be very strong, and abit dangerous to swim there.But still got people dare to swim.Cry...Unfornately i got sunburn after back from Permai.. Ngaiti.. so painful and whole body feel so hot. My dar2 and Helen also got ''burn'' on the face.. face so red, both of them no need to apply make up liao, natural colour.Auntie don know got sunburn oh not leh... didn't ask her also.. (Tell u people, her mum so lihai swimming, don play play)....

Strong wave

The view

Life guard standby there juz incase of emergency

Nice view

The bridge towards the beach

''Boat'' - don know what it call :-(

We enjoy alot there !!!


aNgeL-cuPid said...

cheh! why all ur pics to nice de? so kns lah. felt so kns right now. i was too busy wit the wave til lazy wana snap pics. haha!

yonglim said...

aiyo.. got ppl jealous lio wor..shud say my hp is better than ur digital camera..hehe..