Friday, November 8, 2013

Craving for Foods

Oh well, its just a very random food post. It sound so wrong i posted this up during this hour. Just make myself feeling hungry only. =)

# Lau Ya Keng (Carpenter Street) satay - RM0.60 per stick.  

 # Homemade teochew O-chien 

# Atok Kopitiam nasi lemak 

# Red wine mee sua... hmmm... 
Its been awhile i ate this. Hopefully my mum is reading my mind, serve this delicious dish very real soon 

# Kado burger? hmmmm.... no idea. By the way its nice. I only post nice food. =)

 # Taiwan mee sua (if i not mistaken) with clam. Available at Ground Floor Tun Jugah

 # Peking roasted duck at Village Roast Duck, Mid Valley

# Fried golden bag (a.k.a fried dumplings) at Asian Recipe

# Green Road kolo mee as my lunch on one fine day 

# Pizza...nom nom

 # Life Cafe - Ngo Hiam

 # Unknown. Its nice BUT small portion. Available at Ground Floor corner shop at CityOne Megamall
# This is superb nice seafood laksa - RM8 per bowl. Available at Lau Ya Keng 

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