Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sri Aman Trip (Part 1)

Last Saturday, I had a trip to Sri Aman to attend my dear collegue's wedding lunch. About 3 hours of drive from Kuching.

Early in the morning, i went to pick my dear, then head over to her office to pick up another of her collegue and went to her boss, Ann's house at Jalan Stampin. Then we went for breakfast at 3rd mile kopitiam, next to NK. Unfortunately the foods there sucks. Never want back there for breakfast again. Haha.

Around 9 am, our journey begins. Along the way, it started to rain and the hot sun came out. Its a long trip and it's tiring. After 2.5 hours of drive then we stopped down to have a break.

And we reached a place called Pekan Lachau. I ever heard of this name before but dont know how the place looked like.

Welcome to Pekan Lachau

The only row of shop with alot of kopitiam and groceries store

The playground

The statues next to the playground

Eeeeee.. what she pointing there.. =p

The big baby on the swings and having fun there

123 Konica =)

At the market there, we saw lots of local fruits (rambutans,langsats,Nangkas and Cempedaks), foods, and eventhough Iban costumes can be found there. The price quite cheap too. be continue

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