Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dinner @ Mian Ann Restaurant

First of all, thanked to Mr & Mrs Liew for treated us dinner on Friday at Mian Ann Restaurant, Petanak. I reached the place around 7.20pm followed by Ms Liew, Pin San and lastly the VIPs came, haha... Its my first time been there after it moved from Ban Hock Road couple years ago.. It was held in conjunction of their wedding ceremony on 20th Sept, same day as Hari Raya Adilfitri..

Our dishes for the night.. all very yummy...

~ 皇帝面 ~

夫妻两, 笑喜喜, 很甜密
(祝: 你们辛福快乐, 早生贵子) 哈哈!!!

With ex-collegue of PFA... let me introduce some of them
Back row (L-R) - Francissa, Pin San, Ai Ping
Front row (L-R) Ms Liew, Mr & Mrs Liew, YC Bong & me


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