Friday, April 17, 2009

B'day dinner @ Star Chef

I took some time to blog about my birthday. Early in the morning, 8am sharp i received a phone call from my dear, she sang birthday song for me.. walou, thats my new ringtone and also smses from friends, thanks to all of them, muackkksss..... Also not forgotten, last Sunday night, i had my dinner at Taman Kereta with few of my college mates - Ying Ying, Siew Ling, Sie Ping, Annie. (Fyi: Annie is good in organising group gathering)

At night, i wait for my dear to come, she kept not telling me where she going to bring me for dinner. So, juz let her drove my car. End up we reached at Star Chef, it just opposite KMC swimming pool. Haha.

I dig some info from the taukenio, the place was opened on Jan'09 , they might change the menu soon and will open during luncheon hour. Kepoh me... =P

Ok la.. let the pichas tells you the stories. Muahz ~

Interior view

Ribena sprite & Fresh lime sour plum (recommended)

Mixed grill (Fish, lamb & chicken)

Chicken chop with cheese

B'day cake.. combination of 4 cheese tarts and 2 pieces of chocolate cake.. special request.. unique leh, hehe







Last but not least. i got this from her~Polo Ralph Lauren

Thanks alot my dear !!!!


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