Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Work & Stress

As usual, I ...
  • wake up
  • eat breakfast
  • get ready to work
  • drove to work, step in the stupid company,meeting with some stupid collegue (especially her), really hate her so much.
  • work
  • tingzz... time for lunch.... 1pm - 2pm
  • back to work again...
  • work Work WORK... and work...
  • tingZzZz... time to go home ..5pm sharp.. (i like 5pm,always wanted time pass faster)

That is my daily routine.

When work in this stupid company, i feel alot of stress on myself... stresses from other department,from senior staff.. and specially her. Just don know how to describe much about her.

This ''her'', from the day i joined this company, she keep chasing me on my work status... asking me to check for funny things that she suppose to know. (she pretend dont know, and i also pretend to be not too smart) Today.. i almost quarrel with her, i just voice up my situation to her with my ''bei liang'' voice... but unfortunately she no say much things, just smile...(kek sim cinzzz) Somemore she still tell me if i can't handle on my workload, can let her know. I dont think she will help la.. She just know how to push all the responsibilty to me.

Haiz.. no much comment on her... fed up with such kind of person.

~~~ 只好你離我遠遠

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